Joining Gamesys Affiliates

An Affiliate program allows you (the affiliate) to promote our (the operator) brands on your website. This can be by using banners, text links, email newsletters and more. When a user of your site clicks through to our brands via your promotional materials, they can sign up and earn you commission. It really is as simple as that!

  • We represent some of the top gaming brands both internationally and in the UK. These include Jackpotjoy, Virgin Games, Starspins, Heart Games, Botemania, Virgin Casino (US), Tropicana, Jackpotjoy Sweden, Caesars Bingo, Caesars Casino.
  • It is free to join.
  • High conversion rates, high retention rates and the highest bingo player value in the UK.
  • You are paid in the Pound Sterling if you promote our UK brands or in the currency of the brand you promote if you only promote that brand.
  • You are paid every month either by bank transfer or Neteller.
  • Professional and personal service from our award-winning affiliate team who are available to assist and support.

Step 1: Simply click on the country reg page link below to join the Gamesys Affiliate program:
UK: http://affiliates.gamesysaffiliates.com/registration.asp?lang=1 
Sweden: http://affiliates.gamesysaffiliates.com/registration.asp?lang=6
Spain: http://affiliates.gamesysaffiliates.com/registration.asp?lang=3
US: Email – danielle.burrows@gamesysaffiliates.com
Step 2: Complete the registration form.
Step 3: Once your application is accepted, log in, select the creative marketing materials you want and start earning!

Nothing. It is absolutely free to join the Gamesys affiliate network.

Anyone can join and become an affiliate.

Yes. We do not accept websites that are pornographic, aimed at children under 18 or sites that promote illegal activity of any nature. We reserve the right to remove sites with such content.

If you have another way of promoting our brands, please contact us at: contactus@gamesysaffiliates.com to check if your desired promotion method is suitable.

No, you only need to apply once. Once accepted, you will need to add the sites you wish to promote onto your profile. This will also allow you to track each site’s traffic separately.

Technical Terms

A P2P is a player who signs up, makes a deposit (minimum £10) and starts wagering. We like these players!

CPA is a metric for online advertising where a flat commission rate is set for a particular action that is taken by a user. This can either be a registration, a deposit or a wager depending on your traffic and player value.

The conversion rate is the percentage of visitors who take a desired action from a click-through. The action that determines conversion is determined by the advertiser.

Commission can be a percentage of the revenue generated by the player you drive to our sites, or, it can be a fixed fee (CPA).

A click-through refers to a consumer being transferred from one website (yours) to another (our brands) through a link (a banner).

Banners are graphical advertisements and are available in GIF, JPEG and SWF format.

These are mobile responsive HTML files designed to be used as an email message that can be sent to your database or mailing list.

Your players are tracked by a unique URL which can be pulled from the Gamesys Affiliate Programme.

We will always offer an incentive for new players, varying by brand. Jackpotjoy offers a 250% bonus on a player’s first deposit. Other examples include free cash and prizes.

Getting paid

How much you earn is dependent on how many P2Ps you refer to Gamesys Affiliates’ brands!

You can do this in your Gamesys Affiliates account. Click on Reports and select Overview to view traffic and performance data.

You get paid every month before the 16th for your activity in the previous month. The money can take up to 5 working days to reach your account.

Your Gamesys Affiliates account

You can view your overall performance figures, as well as the performance of your individual campaigns in the Quick Summary and Earnings reports.

You can do this by accessing My Account when you are logged in to the Gamesys Affiliate Programme.


We are always here to help you maximise your results and will be happy to assist you with any queries you may have. Our skilled affiliate team can also provide marketing advice to help you optimise your campaigns.

In the Marketing Tools section, you will find GIF banners and flash code, as well as written copy and HTML mailers.

Please email us and we’ll do our best to provide you with the materials you are looking for.

Please email us and we’ll assist wherever possible.

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